From which countries can I accept payments?
ArdelixPay provides an opportunity to accept payments from all over the world for its Merchants. Additional options for each individual project are agreed individually.
What currencies does ArdelixPay support?
We accept EUR, USD, UAH, AED, KZT for payment.
For more information on the possibilities of ArdelixPay, you should contact your manager or support service.
What is a merchant account?

A merchant account is a special account to which funds are credited after your clients have paid.

What is a high-risk?

There are areas of business in the financial sector with increased risk. Such areas are prone to chargebacks, which leads to higher commissions for acquiring services.

What are the main high risk merchants?

  • Online gaming
  • Travel, booking, and tickets
  • Dating
  • Content 18+
  • Regulated Forex
  • Regulated online casinos
  • EU investments & money transfers
  • Health and wellness products
  • eCigarettes
  • ISP and hosting services
  • precious metals and gems

Is it possible to contact you if my sphere of activity isn't high-risk?

Certainly! Despite the fact that we specialize in high-risk clients, we also connect middle-risk and risk-free clients at all. Our payment system is universal and suitable for everyone!
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