Basic recommendations to the website

The website should be completely ready for work

It includes:

  • filling with content
  • working all links and transitions to subpages
  • the website is publicly available
  • it is possible to enter the website without complicated registration

Unified domain name

All pages on which goods or services are sold should have a unified domain name (website address)

The website should contain a list of services provided

It includes:

  • their detailed description
  • service cost
  • currency

Need a shopping basket

When a customer chooses a service or product offered by the website, he should be able to drop what he wants into the basket for further payment.

It is necessary to have information about the methods of delivery of goods

It includes:

  • delivery time
  • price of delivery
  • information about the transport company

It is advisable to have a contact information section or a support service on the website

It includes:

  • phone number for local and international customers
  • email

Visa and MasterCard logos

Visa and MasterCard logos should be on the home page of your website


On the website, it is advisable to be able to choose a convenient language for surfing the website

Terms and conditions for the sale of goods or services

It includes:

  • a guarantee for goods or services
  • is it possible to return the product if it's necessary

Privacy policy

This also includes consumer data, cookie exchange and return cookie

Information about the legal address is advisable

It includes:

  • Name of the company
  • registration data of a company or an individual
  • ways to contact the owner of the website
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